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Since a very young age, I’ve struggled with reading and writing. During school, I had extra help, but not enough. I struggled to read and write all throughout my life, which diminished my confidence in school, college, which I didn’t finish, and my working life. I tried hiding it for years. Doing my best to not be in a position that would involve writing or reading.


At 20, I saw a spider on the wall and wrote a story about him. I allowed my imagination to develop, as well as my stories in my own personal life. For years, no one knew I wrote, or that I had a story to tell. I kept that passion of mine hidden out of embarrassment and shame.

Finally, at 29, I was finally diagnosed with dyslexia.

Those words changed my whole outlook on my own struggles, giving me permission to learn in different ways.


I’ve also tried over the years to read and write as much as possible. Hoping to give myself a better way of life, get better, and improve my passion for storytelling.


I completed a course in Publication for Creative Writing at Maynooth University in Ireland, in 2013. I also completed a Gothic literature course at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2016 and a Self-Publishing course at the online Writing College in 2016. I’m currently working on my Young Adult series, The Keeper, and my Spider Trilogy, which has allowed me to keep on writing.


You can find Christina on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. My website is where you can buy dyslexia versions of my books, hoping it will help readers fall in love with reading.

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